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My Current Status and Other Matters(I.E.: A Certain Old Pedophile Foe of Mine)

Why hello there everybody. Time for an update on what's going on. I'll try to be brief and concise.

I leave for China in about a week. I'll be gone for a couple of weeks. Naturally, her and I are going to want some alone time after we get back(we'll mostly be visiting with her friends and family while I'm there so not much privacy). I might do some more journal entries or community activities between now and then but don't bank on it. You'll definitely see me more active in November though.

Speaking of which...oh have I got plans for November, ladies and gentlemen. Big plans! Allow me to explain.

In April of 2005 in the honestyisabitch community, an individual named littlegirllover joined up and attempted to spread his sexual ageplay pedophilia poison there. He seemed to think that the community's purpose was to allow him to speak his mind as honestly and openly as possible(very true) while allowing him to be shielded from insults, name-calling, and all forms of criticism(very false). He eventually retreated from the community after myself and some others(including some atheist liberals no less, good for them!) joined forces to flame, insult, and criticize him mercilessly. He ran back to his hugbox yelping like a bitch and I expected to never hear anything out of him again. Pedophiles are even whinier dramawhores than furries. Check out the tattered remains of the climactic battle scene.

As you can see, anything he's ever written on LiveJournal has been deleted courtesy of an event called The Great LiveJournal Strikethrough of 2007(which I missed while I was away dealing with RL, sadly). As I stated earlier, after his pwning in HIB I thought he'd just stay in his hugbox with all his pedophile sick fuck friends. But no, apparently he became infamous enough to warrant his own Encyclopedia Dramatica article(WARNING: ICK FACTOR AT PLAY HERE)! After running across his ED entry, I did some more research and found a number of interesting things concerning littlegirllover:

The big guns are out to get him.

So are the little guns, for great justice and teh lulz.

Anyway, sometime in November I plan to start visiting this guy at the other blogging sites he hangs out at and make his internet into a miserable experience for him. Maybe see if I can get some material to expand his ED article with. I don't see anything wrong with this. If guys like littlegirllover want to post their poison online then they should have to deal with this kind of treatment just like conservatives, liberals, theists, atheists, and everybody else does. If you don't want to be criticized and flamed for discussing your politics/religious beliefs/sexual tendencies/whatever online then don't post it on the internet.

And I'm not going to confine myself to bothering this guy alone. No my friends, pedophiles are growing in number on the internet. They form communities and hugboxes where they feel "safe" and can delude each other into thinking that they're "okay" or even "normal". I might also try networking with some others who hunt sexual predators online and engineer an internet sting with them. Why not ruin a pedophile's life? Chris Hansen does it all the time. Observe:


"I've never done anything like this before, sir...*sob sob fart*"

If the police have to chase you...they're bringing an ass whooping with them.

And that is going to be a project of mine, my friends. A goal. If I can somehow get a pedophile arrested, I'll be causing more actual positive change than my blogging about politics ever has. Have I ever swayed an election? No. Have I ever started or ended a war? Nope. Have I ever exposed political corruption on my own? No, not really. I'm a satirist and a pundit. I mainly just talk shit and get into flamewars. In fact, that's all most bloggers and journal authors will ever do. A blog is usually nothing more than one person's opinion. But to assist in taking down a pedophile in real life? Thus stopping him from preying on kids? Hell, for once blogging actually does become "serious business" in such a case.

Remember, pedophiles aren't people. They're things.

Back to bed. See you tomorrow, my friends.
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Nightmare Inducer

This Is Why I'll Never Move To San Francisco

San Francisco. I've never been there yet I've loathed that bastion of insane liberalism and secular humanism(a completely false belief system) for a long time now. Recent news helps me illustrate why.

First, showing some courtesy and decency to our returning servicemen? SF considers that a bad thing.[1]

But letting minors attend the Folsom Street Leather Fair? Hey, that's all right man![2] Two years ago, toddlers dressed in bondage gear were even spotted at the event. I'm betting toddlers were still present at the 2007 event. The Folsom Street Fair has no age restrictions as far as attendance goes.

Their rationale is that "it's the parent's choice as to what the kids are exposed to" or something like that. Honestly? In my home town of Kansas City they also have fetish events. But last I checked, they were always held indoors and no minors were permitted. I'm guessing the Folsom Street Fair organizers would view Midwestern fetish types as stodgy prudish worry warts.

I'm not going to address whether or not BDSM or other fetishes are a good idea for adults to participate in. That's a whole other can of worms and I just don't feel like opening it up at the moment. But in my not so humble opinion, the organizers of this event could have at least had the common decency to bar kids from witnessing any of this!

So military bad but kids watching fetish acts good? I've been saying that San Francisco has a warped set of priorities for a long time. Rarely do they let me down.

Hat Tips:

Evil Big Bird

Oh, The Humiliation Continues For Brintney Spears!

This just in, Britney Spears has lost custody of her two children:

"The order, issued by Los Angeles judge Scott Gordon, gives Kevin Federline, one of Spears' former dancers, "physical custody" from midday on Wednesday "until further order of the court."

A court paper leaked to gave no details of why the order was made. It ruled that "the entire transcript of proceedings for the hearing ... is ordered sealed."

Paul Callan, a former prosecutor, told MSNBC news the order reversed a previous decision for Spears and Federlin to share custody during the course of the hearing. "The judge has felt that Britney Spears is a danger to her own children," he said.
Spears, whose new album is set for release in November, has recently made a series of erratic appearances in public. She was charged 10 days ago with a hit and run incident and driving without a valid license. She is accused of driving into a parked car.

Earlier this month, Judge Gordon said Spears engaged in "habitual, frequent and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol" and ordered her to undergo random drug and alcohol testing twice a week.

Spears was also previously ordered to meet weekly with a "parenting coach" who was to observe and report back to the court about her parenting skills.

The singer and Federline are involved in an ongoing custody battle over Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

Spears, 25, and Federline, 29, married in October 2004. She filed for divorce last November and it became official in July. The two have joint custody of their sons, but Federline is seeking a greater share of custody.

The singer has been dropped by her management firm and her performance at this year's MTV Video Music Awards was widely panned. In recent months she shaved her head bald before entering rehab, has fired staff and stripped down to her underwear for an impromptu ocean swim in front of photographers."

Just how bad of a mother does one have to be to lose her kids to Kevin Fucking Federline anyway?

Chris Crocker was in the bathroom cutting himself and could not be reached for comment.


Hi there, friends and neighbors. evilwhitemale here again. I wanted to talk about the latest internet supermeme that's been going around. Specifically, this thing:

His YouTube name is itschriscrocker. His LiveUrinal is unequivocal(you really don't want to look at it though, I'm bleaching my eyes as we speak)/formerly equivocal. As you can see, he's uber-gay. From some of the chatter I've heard, even most gays dislike him. But that's not the point.

One of the things he wangsted about is "...she's making you all this money..."

Really? She never made me a fucking penny. Furthermore, I never enjoyed her music. Britney Spears has never brought any joy into my life, so the Hell with her.

Before that, he made another video about Britney:

Did you catch that? That video is a personal death threat(lol!) to all Britney haters. And believe me, the whole world is just pissing in their boots that a crossdresser who lives with grandma might try to get medieval on 'em. ::snickers::

But not me, of course. As somebody who's hated Britney Spears from day one, I hope this latest fiasco kills her musical career for good. I also hope the tabloids stop covering her Hollyweird to trailer trash personal life. I also hope no psychological scar tissue accrues to Britney's kids from having a mother like her.

Britney Spears...Burn in Merry Fucking Hell. Har har har!

Anyway, feel free to insert your own jokes in the comments section. >:D
What a dumb idea!

Remember Kids, Complain About An Icon=Win An Argument!

Or maybe just make yourself look stupid. Check out this thread to see a silly motherfucker open up a can of dumbass. Some guy named hey_its_michael has refused to take up an argument with lullaby_blue because of an icon she was sporting.


I'm not fucking kidding!

"Your icon makes the common rational person utterly unable to take anything you say seriously.

Seriously, what a shameful, despicable show."


And honestly, if this guy were a conservative complaining about a liberal's icon I'd call him out on his noobishness as well. And believe me, I've seen lots of liberals sporting icons associating conservatism with all kinds of heinous things.

You know what really makes this guy reek of butthurt? I could understand this better if he was new to LJ. But no, his journal was created in 2003! Has he been pissing and moaning about people's icons for 4 years? And he's a lawyer. I wouldn't hire a lawyer who takes LiveUrinal this seriously to defend me on a speeding ticket let alone anything important.

So in summation, I don't care if you're a liberal. I don't care if you're a fellow conservative. I don't even give a fuck if you're a member of The Gay Communist Furry Gun Club of North America. If you think complaining about an icon invalidtes an argument on this emo wrist-cutting dramawhoring spamfest we call LiveJournal, then you obviously think the intertubes are "serious business". Which also means you are A FUCKING NOOB.

That's all I've got for today, people. By the way, it's still great to be back!
His Evil White Majesty

Well Hello Again

Well, holy fuck. It's been...what...over a year at least? I really should've posted a notice that I was going on hiatus. Sorry about that.

Problem was...I never actually planned on doing a hiatus. I planned to just "take a week or two off" and it turned into a very long absense. I lost interest in the intarwebs almost completely. It's been a rough time. One of the hardest times in my life.

Here's what happened. First, my mother died. That sucked like you would not believe. I spent months trying to untangle the paperwork because mommy dearest didn't leave a proper will. What made things worse in the end was that the state put a lien on her house and basically everything else. They said she owed over 80 grand in Medicare expenses. Oh, fucking joy!

So I got no inheritance from this. The upside is that my greedy sponging relatives didn't get a fucking penny either. Us conservatives are supposed to value family and all, right? But my family have been some of my worst enemies. I'll share more of my thoughts on family in a bit. Right now, I want to start ranting at those lovely people so beloved of the left...government bureaucrats.

As if it wasn't bad enough that the fucking state let a crazy woman run her estate into a massive black hole of debt, I had to deal with with the various departments that comprise our immigration agencies. Basically, my lovely fianceé and I got to sample the incredible ineptitude of these ass-dragging twats. We waited. And waited. And waited. I kept submitting paperwork and forms. You know those complicated forms that only professional bureaucrats love? The ones that even tax attorneys wince at? I filled those out. Over, and over, and over again. I also had to fill out statements and submit chat logs of our private IM conversations to give us an edge in proving that this wasn't all some sort of scam to legally smuggle a Chinese woman into America. By the time I was done with all this, I had sent Homeland Security paper to fill a fucking novel.

*cools off for a second before typing an all caps rant like a madman*

In short, I haven't been on the internet much because my attention has been rather bifurcated for quite some time, ladies and gentlemen. I've been slowly easing myself back into the internet over the past couple of months before posting anything on LiveJournal. I'm taking it slow...because I'm planning another trip to China next month. When I return, I'll be getting married to my woman. This is probably going to be the main thing on my mind until then.

Where was I? Oh

"Blood is thicker than water" is a phrase very dear to conservatives. But to be honest, the events after mom's death tested that to the limit for me. I realized a very important thing about myself after my mother's death. And that is the fact that I hate my family. I don't even miss my crazy departed mother. Manipulative, self-centered, and insecure as she was. Always misusing God in her overly religious monomania. She used religion as an excuse to avoid facing the truth when she should have been using it to confront her own inner demons. If she had done that, she would probably lived longer than she did. She might also have been a better mother to me and my brother...who turned out to be a hopeless alcoholic thanks to her filling his fragile mind with so much heretical nonsense and doublethink from a very young age.

Despite this hatred for my relatives, am I down on the concept of the family now? Hell no. Absolutely not. Instead of wallowing in self-pity over this, I'm going to start a new family soon. My wife and whatever children we have. I'm not going to repeat the same mistakes my parents made in raising me. I'm not going to be the kind of husband dad was to my mom. My wife and I aren't going to drive each other insane like those two freaks did.

So in good(if done right), government bureaucrats very very bad.

I want to dedicate this to phoenix_blade, who's also been known to write overly verbose angsty pseudo-gothic ramblings.

To my other LiveJournal friends I want to say that I haven't forgotten about you. But if you've dropped off my Friend's List, I understand.

And to my bride to be I want to say...I'm coming for you, my love. Baby, it's you and me and the rest of the world be damned if that's what it takes.

Anyway, this entry is done. I got up to go to the toilet and decided afterwards to write something short but it became tl;dr didn't it? Hahahaha!
Zarqawi Dead

The Zarqawi Takedown Plus My Reaction

In case you've been spending the past week in a monastery, know that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is no longer a terrorist...he's wormfood. This has caused Al Qaeda to say, "Ooooooh! We're going to do bad things to you!"

Gentleman, you're already trying to do bad things to us. Remember a little thing you guys did that we refer to as 9-11? That, plus previous attacks on America was what prompted the War on Terror in the first place. Sane Americans know that you're not going to stop pestering us even if we agree to leave the Middle East completely. We realize that you won't stop until either you're all dead like Mr. Zarqawi or you've destroyed our way of life completely. Why do you people keep making these ridiculous statements and issuing video tapes through your friends at Al Jazeera when it's obvious that neither of us really has anything to say to one another? Even American liberals are starting to get tired of you guys. Your friends that like to set fires over cartoon strips have seen to that for you. In the end, the only understanding between us can only be reached over the barrel of an assault rifle so quit mouthing us like a bunch of highschool pussies looking for a fistfight.

Having said that, there are people claiming that Zarqawi was beaten to death by American soldiers. U.S. ofiicials called bullshit on such claims. Personally? I hope they beat the living shit out of him and forcing him to eat a porkchop smothered in sausage gravy while wearing lace panties on his head (even if I sincerely doubt tht's what happened). Yep, I wish they pulled a Lyndie England on him. And if any far left multi-cultis reading this want to say, "But that's insensitive to Islamic culture!" or "But that's TOTURE!!!111!!!" let me just say in advance...bite me, alright? No really, suck my nostrils until my skull collapses. Did you know that some experts claim that Zarqawi was personally holding the knife in a few of the beheading videos? No, people like you don't really give two shits and a fuck about Islamic culture or torture. You're just mad because you can't get have your politically "correct" utopia become 100% reality right this second, if ever. And you're looking to take it out on people who like America just fine the way it is. Especially the radical atheistic types: "Oh, I hate those naughty Christians but strangely, I'm going to defend another bunch of theists who hate my rampant secularism enough to want to destroy my country!" Wake the fuck up you people because the light theism of Christians and conservative Jews in the West is the only thing standing between you ungrateful radical atheist fucks and the radical theism of the Middle East that wants to perform a clitorectomy on your grandma. You like to whine because this country isn't secularist enough for you? Brother, you ain't seen nothing yet. If the Jihadists win, say goodbye to your porn, your cheap sex, your abortion clinics, your drugs, your women's rights, your newspapers, your universities, and every other secularist trope you hold sacred and say hello to bearded old men in dingy robes with no senses of humor who think it's the state's job to execute homosexuals and women of easy virtue.

I honestly like some of the saner liberals but the close-minded false dichotomy fuckheads among them make me laugh with a mixture of amusement and disgust. Hahahaha!

Weekly rant concluded. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

Until next time, my friends!

Muahahaha... ;-)
Aw, Jeez. Not this shit again.

Lawsuits Over Racial Epithets

OMGZ!!! I have a black supervisor at work and he used racial slurs to describe me! He called me a "redneck cracker honkey Casper-faced sonofabitch" on Monday! Then on Wednesday, he called me a "red savage" and asked me "How's the scalping business?" after he learned that I'm part Cherokee! And on Thursday, he referred to me as "miscegenated piece of cross-pollinated toilet trash" who was going to marry an "slope bitch"! My supervisor is such a racist! He's caused me massive emotional trauma! I'm so hurt over this!

::copious emo tears and sobbing like a child::

I've spoken to my lawyer about this! We're going to sue the company for $61 million dollars! He's a good lawyer, too! He'll make sure we get a jury of people that have a social conscience! We will see some social justice done, mark my words! Nobody hurts my pwecious widdle feewings and gets away with it!

Collapse )

Oh, well.

Lots to do. Lots to do. Lots to do, have I.

So, until next time, my friends!

Muahahaha... ;-)

†-Link credit to mumbalo_jack.
bitch!, Closer

And What About The Legal Immigrants? Where's Your "Compassion" For Them?

I'm back. Actually, I've been back since Monday. I didn't write anything upon my return because I was fighting jet lag. And I'll eventually get all those pics up but we're still downloading them(Chelsea prefers to send them over IM so I can pick and chooose them individually).

During the time that I was gone, I wasn't following politics. And you know what? It felt good to get away from such things for a little while. Politics? A depressing subject, especially when it impacts your life in a negative way. And believe me, sooner or later politics will impact your life and rarely will it be a good thing. Politicians are mostly inept, corrupt, self-serving douchebags with the testicular fortitude of a garden slug.

Case in point for depressing politics? The immigration debate that's been all over the place like a herpes epidemic in San Francisco.

You see, I hear the lib-bots championing Those "poor, downtrodden migrants". Yep, migrants or some other such candy-assed PC term. They don't like you to call them illegal aliens. That's because they want you to think that an illegal alien who snuck into this country and shouts "Viva Meheeco!" at a Fourth of July gathering during the fireworks is on the same moral plane as your immigrant ancestors who came here legally, learned English, and taught you that America was better than the place they fled from. You know. The ancestors that wanted to be Americans.

Some of you reading this may be getting ready to bring up the Injuns...Oops! A thousand pardons...Native Americans. Well, while there were atrocities committed on the native tribes, the reverse was often true. I'm sorry to tell you this but quite a few of those tribes were warlike, savage, and feared by the neighboring tribal groups. Furthermore, what your politically "correct" hisrtory books gloss over is the huge amount of interbreeding between whites and natives. In fact, nearly every "white" person I know here in the Midwest has native blood coursing through their veins. So, before you bring the plight of the natives into this, be aware that you're talking to onesuch. I've got at least as much Cherokee blood as that tenured punk ass Ward Churchill and unlike him, I love this country. Hate to tell you this but many natives were enamored of the improvements settlers brought.

Some of you reading this may be getting ready to bring up the issue of slavery in connection with illegal immigration. Well, slavery was wrong. I can't argue with that. But it was over and done with before you were born, first off. Secondly, despite the problems of slavery and other racial issues, I just don't see that many African descendants clamoring to go back there even when they're bad-mouthing this country. In fact, they'd be insane to want to go back there. Africa is a fucking Hell-hole, people! If I was a descendant of African slaves, I'd take the attitude that "Well, slavery was bad, sure. So were the injustices that led to the Civil Rights movement. But fuck, I'm better off living here than any other place in the world. Life handed my ancesotors a big old basket of lemons but because they didn't try to go back, I get to drink lemonade." Yes, if I was black, I'd still consider myself an American first and a skin color second just like I do now. And do you honestly think a buch of illegals coming into the coutry and stealing work away from blacks is going to help their situation? No, no, no, NO!!! Go stick your head in the toilet and drown if you're that fucking stupid.

Talk about politics being a depressing subject. What's depressing is that I had to spend time typing two paragraphs just to head off any uber-lib retards who wanted to comment on this instead of talking about illegal immigration.

On to the subject at hand now. What really burns me up about the lib-bots(and quite a few conservatives, particularly religious conservatives who think rewarding these lawbreakers is "charitable" and therefore Godly) who champion illegal aliens is the way they never say a word of support for people who want to come here legally. Not a fucking peep. I'm talking about the people in Mexico and other countries waiting dutifully in line after learning English. I'm talking about those people from Mexico and other countries who actually enlist with our own military in the hopes of attaining U.S. citizenship. I'm talking about another batch of would-be immigrants who want to consider themselves Americans first and a skin color second. Where's your compassion for them, hmm? How is it fair that they wait in line and earn the right to come here while other people sneak in and are allowed to stay? Why do we reward the bad behavior of one group while treating the good behavior of another group like dog shit? Seriously, oh thou politcally "correct" scions of secular "progressivism", why does your compassion for for the immigrants disappear like a noxious fart in windstorm when they're trying to get here legally?

I'll tell you why. It's because you guys are the real racists and not the patriots who want secure borders. Yes, you. You hold them to a lower standard. You hate to see brown-skinned people do the right and moral thing. You hate to see them become patriotic Americans who love this country and assimilate into its culture. And you absolutely cannot stand to see non-whites turn their back on your free-love sexfests, your welfare state, your drugs, and your rampant secularism(unless their Muslims, of course). You uber-libs are the true racial separatists. Not us patriots. I'm an American first, you multiculralist drooling mouth-breathers and anybody else who considers themself an American first is my bother or sister regardless of their skin color. True American patriotism is what destroys racism and ethnic distrust while mutliculturalism only keeps us further apart.

You want to how this issue affects me personally? Well, there's a woman living in China who wants to become a legal permanent resident of the United states. She knows how to speak English. She's willing to obey our laws. She's willing to see her kids grow up American instead of Chinese despite the fact that she'll be homesick for her native country. But while you lib-bot guttersnipes are out championing the cause of illegal aliens when nothing interesting is playing on satellite porno channels and the drugs just aren't enough to keep ya' thrilled, that Chinese woman with a kind heart is sitting and waiting for a visa. A visa which may be a long time in coming.

I love that woman. She loves me. I won't rest until we're living in the same house and raising children. I'll never give up on her even though you lib-bot fuckwads don't give a rat's hindquarters about her.

You liberals want me to think that big government is my friend? You neocons want me to think that the RNC are my bosom buddies? Well, your oh-so-precious big government is rewarding bad behavior from illegal aliens while my love jumps through hoops trying to get a visa from the human shit stains that run the American Consulate in Guangdong and a spineless Republican President is only just now addressing the issue of border security and American sovereignty(and I'm sure he'll fuck it up royally, too).

No "Muhahaha" today, my friends. I'm in a foul tempered, puppy-kicking kind of mood.

Be well, my friends.